Sababond 3676

Sababond 3676 is used as a rollable adhesive in the mattress industry. The product features a very short drying time and fast further processing in the production process. This product can be used for bonding foam to foam.


  • Zero dry time
  • Immediate roll packing
  • Non-CR based
  • One-sided application

Certificates & test reports

GREENGUARD Gold Certified ®

Technical details*


Synthetic polymer

Viscosity (EN 12092)

approx. 5000 mPa.s

Density (EN ISO 2811-2)

approx. 1.11 g/ml

Solid content
approx. 71%

Coverage (per connection):

approx. 80 g/m2 up to approx.
120 g/m2 depending on the application

Open time

approx. 2 minutes


between 4,0 – 6,0

Application temperature of adhesive

minimum approx. +10 ºC

Maximum final strength

after approx. 24 hours

Storage and transport temperature

min. +5 ºC to max. +35 ºC (sensitive to frost)

Cleaning agent:

when wet - use soap and cold water

when dry - use Sabaclean AV


9 months in unopened packaging

* Tested according tot SABA Analysis method unless stated otherwise.


In addition to adhesives, SABA also supplies equipment such as glue guns, pressure vessels, pumps, etc. This range was put together by the SABA Tech Center on the basis of extensive testing and many years of practical experience. The right combination of adhesive and equipment gives you the most efficient application and the

highest end quality.

For tailored advice please contact our customer service department on telephone number +31 (0)315 65 89 99 or by email at industry@saba.nl.


Apply adhesive using a rolling system.

Application instructions:

  1. activate the adhesive using a drying tunnel or infrared radiators
  2. activate the adhesive film by heating it up to a temperature of approx. 60 ℃
  3. make sure the adhesive film is not completely dry, because it will not transfer to the other foam part
  4. join the parts together within the open time
  5. apply firm pressure

After this procedure, the bonded parts are ready to be handled in the next process step.

Safety recommendations

SABA attaches great value to the safe use and responsible handling of our products. For additional safety information please refer to the relevant SABA safety information sheet.


Products based on Acrylate, CR, EVA, NR and PU polymers are not resistant to softening agents. SABA offers specific products for the bonding of substrates, such as synthetic leather, that contain softening agents. Please contact us for further information.

Dispersion adhesives in combination with light-coloured leather can affect colourfastness. Suitability testing before use is recommended.

For an optimal result the surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry, free of grease and at application temperature. At a relative atmospheric humidity above 70% there is an increased chance of condensation, which can have a detrimental effect upon bonding.

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