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Produce & Pack
in minutes

It takes just a few steps to process your mattress from the roll coater to roll packer without any dry time. This video shows the assembly process, in 360°, from roll coater infeed until roll packed and ready to ship.

Step 1

Roll coater infeed: foam sheets enter the roll coater after placement onto the infeed conveyor of your Produce & Pack production line.

Step 2

Apply SABA rollable water-based adhesive: Your mattress layers are laminated with Sababond 3611 LV adhesive.

Step 3

Forced drying step: An infrared drying unit evaporates moisture, from SABA’s adhesive specifically designed for this process, and activates the adhesive for maximum bonding strength.

Step 4/5

Mattress assembly: build your mattress by stacking foam layers in the appropriate sequence.

Step 6

Mattress Press: Press your fully assembled mattress firmly to ensure optimal bond strength.

Step 7

Roll pack mattress: Apply flame retardant sock and zipper cover. Vacuum seal, roll pack, and box the mattress. The mattress is now ready for direct and immediate shipment to the customer.

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